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  • Hello, I'm Erin and I am the photographer behind Splendor Photography. I am married to my husband of 15 years and we have 5 amazing and beautiful children, yes I said 5! I am a coffee lover (hello 5 kids here! ;). I love spending time with the most important thing to me, and that is my precious family! I have been photographing newborns, and families in the Dallas-Fort worth area for 6 years and love every second of it. I love meeting new people, and seeing the same families come back time and time again to have me preserve those fleeting moments that are gone way too soon. My goal is for you to have the best experience with me, and I strive to make it the best. I have been told that I have an unusual amount of patience, so when it comes to your kids, they will never get on my nerves, or have me irritated. I truly love kids, and people. I am always open for questions, and always available to help.

What every mom needs right after having a baby

I recently did a birth session, and in talking with the mom (who was patiently waiting to progress so that is was go time) I found myself giving some advice, and bringing to her attention and the attention of her husband the things that she needed right away. Now, I wasn’t being a know it all, just casually recalling the things I wanted and needed, so I thought I would share here because I get a lot of pregnant mommas coming to my page because well, I do newborn photography:)And if  you find your self reading this and your pregnant, I hope you will write this down and remember to request some or all of these things:)So lets get to it…

1. The meal of your choice 

If you have to be induced or are having a scheduled c-section, you will have to go your entire day and labor without food and you will only be allowed little sips of water or ice chips. And on top of that you will have to go through the most intense physical pain of your life (epidurals are amazing, but not everyone wants one) on an empty stomach. Of course your adrenaline is at its highest, and you will manage and get through it, and to be honest you’ll only really be starving when you’re in the waiting stage of waiting to dilate so you can have that baby. That’s when you’ll think that if you don’t eat right then you just might die. But again, you get through it with your eye on the prize. But even if you just had dinner and your water breaks and its time to head up to the hospital. You will still go a period of time without food, and after having your baby you will have worked up an intense appetite. Here is where you deserve whatever you want to eat. I don’t care if its Cheesecake Factory, Pappas Bros Steakhouse, or Whataburger…make sure someone makes a run to get you ( and your husband) the meal that you have requested. You deserve it! You just brought a human into the world. It was hard work, and after that initial high of love, admiration and adrenaline for that tiny little human that you’ve been wondering all about for 9 months wears off, your body will tell you to eat and eat now! So its better to prepared so that you aren’t nauseous from starvation. Maybe bring some snacks with you to hold you off until your meal gets there, but the point I’m trying to make is that you deserve to eat whatever you want, and you should eat whatever you want. Find out before you have your baby who is willing to go on that food run for you! Now don’t laugh but for me, I wanted Wendy’s because I had a huge craving for chocolate frosty’s and thats what I wanted (for 3 out of 5 of my kids) thinking back I could have really stepped up my request for something more…but like I said before…request what YOU want to eat!

2. Friends and Visitors but also space

After I had my 3rd baby, my husband had a friend come visit who also brought his girlfriend with him that I had met a couple of times. She asked me if she could hold my son, I thought ok, this should only take a few minutes, and being the nice person I am, I handed over my brand new, day old baby to a kind of stranger. I am not kidding when I tell you that she proceeded to hold him for 5 hours (ok, it was more like 30 minutes, but totally felt like 5 hours) still, 30 minutes is waaaaay too long to be holding my baby when you are not my husband, or a grandparent or someone else very very close to me. All I could think was “GIVE ME MY BABY BACK!!!” and she just sat there talking and smiling and telling everyone how much she loved babies. I’m a non confrontational person, and that is why I didn’t say anything because I know she didn’t mean harm, but lets use some common sense. All of this rant and past experience is let you know that if you go and visit a new mom in the hospital (and new meaning she just had a baby not just a first time mom) don’t hog her brand new baby. Yes, if they offer to let you hold the baby, then by all means hold and adore that brand new miracle, but give the baby back after a couple of minutes. There are a range of emotions and hormones going on with the mom, and we tend to go into protective mode, and we become anxious or stressed. You don’t want to be the cause of that, so just give the baby back. Oh, and don’t forget to mention that he/she is the most beautiful baby you have ever seen, and that momma did very good!:)

3. Snacks

You will be hungry in the middle of the night, and there won’t be any restaurants or cafeteria’s open, so it is best to bring snacks. I was incredibly blessed with a great nursing staff with my last baby. They would bring me sandwich’s and chocolate! They do have those in their fridge so just ask for them, but snacks are really good to have as well!

4. Bring your iPad or laptop

You will most likely not sleep while you are at the hospital. I think its a combination of nursing staff coming in every couple of hours to take your blood pressure etc.., your own desires to stare at your new baby every second and marvel at the fact that he is finally here and that you made him! And then there is feeding every 2 hours. The beds, oh the beds are not very comfortable. Bring extra pillows to provide extra comfort, but back to no sleep. You just won’t get any sleep or very little at that. So might as well stream netflix, or watch a movie. Who knows, it may help you doze off, and keep you from boredom:)

5. A nice ride home from the hospital

Ok, you’re probably thinking huh? well duh! But when I had my last baby, our suburban had an exhaust leak (it was an older suburban without a car payment) It was not pleasant riding home with my new baby and the smell of exhaust. I was worried sick that he would inhale that smell but thank God he was just fine. If we would have had time to get that fixed before me going into labor then that would have been great. And if I would have known, I would have arranged for a different car to take me home. So make sure that ride home is peaceful and stress free, because its kind of the start of your life together with your new baby in the real world, and yes I may have cried on the way home. Those darn hormones. We want everything to be perfect don’t we?

And here is another small tip. If you have kids already, then you should definitely arrange for a babysitter. The hospital is no place for kids to hang out for long periods of time. They will become very bored, and you will become stressed, just saying:)The goal is always to remain stress free. You and baby depend on you not being stressed out.

Now, start planning your first delicious meal after giving birth!

Home Is Where Your Family Is…


is what I strive to capture with your family…my goal is to show you the love that is radiating within the dynamics of your life

to show you that life is crazy, but its so very blessed, that love is the anchor that makes everything else seem minuscule.

the days are long but the years are short, before we know it that tiny baby that you just brought home from the hospital is entering Kindergarten in the fall

and you are wondering where the time went. Life goes by so very fast and I am here to document them for you.

Proud parents holding baby girl

Love is the root and the anchor, its what pushes us and keeps our heart beating, its what shines brighter than anything else.

5 creative ways to display your Instagram or iPhone pictures in your home

Are you on Instagram? If not, thats ok, you can still input all of these ideas in your home as creative ways to display those pictures that you love so much that are just hanging out on your phone camera roll. I searched Pinterest for inspiration and found 5 ways to display those pictures and earn the envy of your friends. You may have seen some of these before, but they’re still worth mentioning. I am taking notes myself!

First, I would suggest downloading a couple of picture editing apps that I use myself. I use VSCOcam, PicTapGo, and Snapseed. It’s always visually appealing to lighten, add contrast and saturation just a tad to your pictures. That way they all have a cohesive look and you can even add any filters that you like as well (just keep them similar).

Second, you can upload your images to an online printing lab like Mpix and print to whatever dimension you choose. I have printed mine in 5×5 only because in my opinion bigger is always better, but you should choose whatever fits the look you’re going for.

Third, once you receive those pictures in the mail, get to hanging them or displaying them…don’t let them sit on your desk (ahem…hello? Erin, are you listening?)


Now, lets take a look at some of these really cool ideas…

pinterestinsp5(display as a wallpaper in one of your favorite rooms. It doesn’t even have to be a big space…just fill it up with your pictures)pinterestinsp4(Find a really cool frame and paint it. Take the glass out and hang your pictures using mini clothes pins and twine or string)

(Use a bigger frame like a 10×10 and place a matte inside displaying your 5×5 pictures and align in rows to create a super cool gallery look)


(*one of my favs…display them in a heart shape on the wall. You could even add an open frame around this as well.)


(Find some wood planks, stain them or paint them, attach the wire and tools needed to secure the wire and hang your pictures with metal clips)

And I thought it would be fun to show you some of my Instagram pictures of my kids from the last month or so. I have big plans because I have a TON of pictures that mean so much to me that came from my iPhone that I NEED to look at everyday:)If you would like to follow me on IG my username is “erinsplendor” My account is private, but don’t let that stop you from sending a follow request.

Have fun making your memories alive on your walls!


Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Session |First Glimpse

Splendor Photography is now offering “First Glimpse” sessions. I’m so excited to be able to offer these now that my schedule allows. I am offering it for an introductory price for the month of July.
This is a session typically done in the hospital but can be done at the birthing center or your home. I will usually come the day after you have had your baby and capture those first moments of your family together and the little details of these first days that you are likely to forget due to what I like to call the “newborn fog”:)It’s a whirlwind of awesome once baby comes and having those moments captured is worth more than gold.first moments newborn in hospital

Dallas Fort Worth Lifestyle Newborn Session | Miss Arielle

Oh how I love these newborns and their precious families! I feel incredibly blessed to get the opportunity to capture these first days with them. I love all of the emotions involved with having a new baby in the house. Whether its a first time mom, or a mom with her 5th baby, one thing remains the same. LOVE, FIERCE LOVE, feeling completely blessed, and crazy all at the same time. This family was just precious to get to know and hang out with during our session. Hope you enjoy looking through their session!