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  • Hello, I'm Erin and I am the photographer behind Splendor Photography. I am married to my husband of 15 years and we have 5 amazing and beautiful children, yes I said 5! I am a coffee lover (hello 5 kids here! ;). I love spending time with the most important thing to me, and that is my precious family! I have been photographing newborns, children and families in the Dallas-Fort worth area for 6 years and love every second of it. I love meeting new people, and seeing the same families come back time and time again to have me preserve those fleeting moments that are gone way too soon. My goal is for you to have the best experience with me, and I strive to make it the best. I have been told that I have an unusual amount of patience, so when it comes to your kids, they will never get on my nerves, or have me irritated. I truly love kids, and people. I am always open for questions, and always available to help.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Are you on the fence about booking a Lifestyle Newborn session? Let’s talk about why it’s important and why you’ll never regret it. I’ve put together some (or maybe a lot) of images from some Lifestyle Newborn sessions that I’ve done just this year. Each one different, but yet one thing is constant throughout each session, and that is LOVE. I guarantee you that when these beautiful families look back on these pictures from their session, they see love and joy, and just how in love they are with their family. They don’t see how they were still carrying weight from JUST having a baby. They don’t see how tired they were and I guarantee that they have never looked back and said, “Darn it, I wish I would have never had these pictures done of my family”. Not because I was the photographer but because these are moments frozen in time and ones that may take a couple hours out of your day, but just as those first few weeks go during that newborn fog, the session is over before you know it. It’s worth it, and yes, I like to include your pets if that is something you wish to do. Now these pictures below are just half of what a newborn session is like with me. The other half is focusing on just the baby, and is what you normally see me post on social media. But I wanted to show you the other side. If you’re on the fence, just swing that leg over and do it! I promise that you will not regret it! If you have any questions or would like to discuss booking your newborn session. Please just hit the contact tab above and I would be happy to talk with you!

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Just a quick sneak peek into a lifestyle newborn session. I love capturing siblings together! It is such a precious moment that will forever be cherished. Can you imagine when these two are older and they are home for the holidays and they start looking at old pictures. Mom will pull out her beloved picture of her treasures for the whole family to see. This is why I love to do what I do. For moments like these! I am booking newborn sessions, inquire for more details. Just click the contact tab above! Pblog_8372